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Holland Heineken House
5 Months
Sochi, Russia (two ferry transfers)
1 Project-manager
2 dedicated truckdrivers that accompanied the trailers and guided the border-crossings.
19 Trailers
6000 Kilometers
(3700 Miles)
The Holland Heineken House is the national home of the Dutch Olympic Committee and a foreign home to all the Dutch Atletes, families, fans and sponsors during the Olympic game. In 2014 Saan Trucking was granted the full logistic operation to the erection of the Holland Heineken House in Sochi, Russia during the Olympic Wintergames.

Our Expertise

This logistic project took about five months and covered the whole operation from planning till the return of all equipment to all vendors. Due to safety regulations and driving bans as an effect of the Olympic Games we faced a neat time-frame to get all the equipment in Sochi. The operation consisted of loading on various locations, transfer, parking and just-in-time delivery at the venue.

We executed the transfer of 19 trailers from the Netherlands to Sochi using two ferry transfers. The first from Germany to Latvia was used to reduce turnaround time and economical reasons. A 2.500 kilometre drive brought us to the second ferry, this ferry was mandatory due to a driving ban for the route to Sochi. Together with all the extra safety regulations this was the biggest challenge for this job. Thanks to our experience and extending network in Russia we concluded this project with a quick return back home.

The Holland Heineken House is a typical example of a close cooperation with our client and our experience with a-typical one-off projects. Are you facing a challenge in logistics? Please do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.