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Full transport all around Europe
Cirque du Soleil
2009 to 2011
28 Months
31 Countries
82 Cities
3 Lead Drivers
22 EU-Trailers
60.000 Kilometers
(37.000 Miles)
Varekai, a Cirque du Soleil tour who traveled all over the world. During the European Arena tour Saan Trucking provided all the transportation needs for this amazing Cirque du Soleil tour. Quote from the Cirque du Soleil website; Deep within a forest atop a volcano, exists an extraordinary world, where anything is possible: Varekai... We used our expertise and experience to make anything possible during the logistic process for this amazing tour.

Our Expertise

We used 21 trailers to transfer the show every week to the new performance venue. During this show we had 3 Lead Drivers to coordinate this tour successfully. The Lead Drivers and the dedicated drivers stayed with the tour full-time. Together they managed the load-in and load out plans, as well as the unstrapping for load out and load in.

All other trailers were transferred using power only, managed and instructed by our Lead Drivers. The use of GPS-tracked trailers ensured control and oversight on the progress of the trailers and transfers. Ordinarily the load-out took place on Sunday evening with the load-in scheduled for Tuesday at the next venue. The tour-schedule included shows in a variety of countries for example in Russia, Turkey and Finland.

bq.This tour is a typical example of a custom-made transport solution for a Family Entertainment production. Do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to talk with you about the possibilities for your needs.