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Electrifying racing
Formula E
The concept was initiated to demonstrate the potential of sustainable mobility. Since 2014 this electric racing has become reality, each race starts with some 20 cars and has become a respected series on the international racing calendar

A true barrier-breaking initiative by FIA president Jean Todd, where the future of racing developed. Since the start it gained popularity rapidly, partly since the approach on social media. This has inspired Formula E’s teams and drivers to reach out to their fans, creating a level of dialogue unrivalled in motorsport. The involvement continues in the eVillage, where Formula E fans get to meet the drivers at the autograph session and are witness to the raw emotion of the podium ceremony, breaking down the barrier between drivers and fans that exists in traditional motorsport.

Joint Effort

In cooperation with event-sponsor DHL, Saan Trucking is involved with the races taking place in Europe. Equipment is loaded and returned by trucks on various locations, although most of the racing-parts come from the events’ HQ in the UK. After the race, loading takes place as quick as possible to get the cars back into the workshop as soon as possible!